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Ello peeps,

What can you do with these new hoppers ?
1. Syncing hoppers
2. Teleport
3. upgrade your hopper with money for better performance
4. Filter items

Syncing hoppers:
When you open the menu u can click the sync symbol on the bottom (tripwire hook) to sync this hopper with another one.
When you sync hoppers, items will pass through no matter how far the other hopper is away from the other one. It's like a wireless connection.

When you sync hopper like stated above, you can teleport from one hopper to the other hopper(s) using the enderpearl symbol item in the menu.
Use them to travel smart across your island!

Upgrading hoppers and it's abilities:
When you hover over the hopper symbol in the menu, you see what the current level of your hopper is. on the right there is a sunflower, which let's you upgrade
your hopper and make the hopper better and more functional. Talking about functions, upgrading does the following things:
- increase the range of teleportation (range)
- How much blocks it processes per click, so the actual speed (amount)
- The area around the hopper it's able to suck, yes they work as vacuum cleaners. (suction)
- At higher levels they can even break blocks directly above them, the higher the level the faster they break :smile: (Block Break).

Filtering items:
When you click the comparator symbol you get acces to a filter screen, items placed in the white glass panes section will be whitelisted and passed through to the next hopper/chest.
Items on the right section with the barrier blocks will be voided by all costs and will not be let through. This way you can make itemsorters.

When you break hoppers, the level of the hopper will remain and be displayed above the item when dropped, this way you can trade/sell the hoppers to other players.

We hope you all like this update, if there are bugs/issues make sure to report them to a staffmember.


Woutzah & OliPulse
First of all the info everyone wants to know:

When? This Sunday (10th June)
What? A large scale skyblock rework featuring a totally new gameplay experience, minigames, healthy economy, new spawn areas, contests, etc.
Ranks? All ranks will be kept.

Items? No economy influenceable items will be taken over. Only crate items with a special name or lore may be taken over. E.g. Lucky vest from lep's crate, Kiss cap from Valentine's Crate, Cupid's diaper, bitcoins. Also bought items like the Frost Pickaxe, Pebble the fish, etc. No rank papers though. The ranking system will be reworked a bit.

How to take these items? As some of you may know we have a new website with an awesome forum. If you want to transfer your items you will have to create an account on the forum. Create a thread under Skyblock --> 'Item transfer & Rewards Claim' .
You will put all of your items with these lored/special names in a chest & list them in the text of the thread. A staff member will then verify your posted items on the server and comment on your thread when it's verified.
Link: https://minecrownmc.com/ NOTE: No other items are allowed to be transferred.

REWARDS: If you submit your item transfer through the forums, you will automatically claim your rewards, if you don't want to transfer any items but just want to claim your rewards, simply make a forum account and post a thread about it on the same forum page as above mentioned.
  • - $5 Store credit card!! The store is reworked!!
  • - An ingame Veteran Suffix Tag, showing of you truly are a MineCrownMC OG
  • - An exclusive ingame, lored item which will only be made for those who Claimed their items or claimed their rewards.
  • - Access to all premium starter islands that come with ranks.

I hope you are all as excited as we are. You can check out our new site and claim your rewards on the forum here: https://minecrownmc.com/


The MineCrownMC Staff Team
Hey there peeps,

As you can see we got rid of our garbage website and replaced it with a quality/wel built website :D. A lot of work has gone into this site, so take care of it like it's your own baby. Make sure to check out the forums, we're trying to make this an active community, so make to participate in the conversations over there ;)

Oh yeah and btw . . .