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Discussion in 'Moderator applications' started by Nommetjuh, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Nommetjuh

    Nommetjuh Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    Hello :D
    > Real Name: Beau
    > IGN: Nommetjuh
    > Age: 16
    > Country/timezone: Netherlands
    > Discord Name: Nommetjuh#6240
    > Language: My main is Dutch. I also speak English and a bit of German.
    > How long have you been playing Minecraft ? Since the release of 1.6.4 ( 2013 ).
    > Post moderation experience ? I have been staff on other dutch servers during the years.
    > Do you have any additonal skills, apart from basic moderation that could come in handy for the server?
    To be honest I dont think so. I am Always the one who talks to people on the server to keep them happy and if they had questions i would try to awnser them.
    > What seperates you from the rest ? I am Always open for questions. I Always try to help to people who need it.
    > How active are you on a daily/weekly basis ? I am pretty active in 7 days i was online 23 hours. i am in my exam year. But i Always make time to play :D.
    > Is there anything else you want to add ?
    Yeah i thought it would be nice to have a AH. so people can easly sell the stuff they dont need to help the ones who need it. and IS Challenges so if people dont want to build they could do that. That would make skyblock so mutch fun!

    I hope you enjoyed reading my application.
    Greatings, Nom