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Masters Builder app

Discussion in 'Builder applications' started by MasterofKeyblade, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. MasterofKeyblade

    MasterofKeyblade Member

    Jul 27, 2018
    > IGN:MasterofKeyblade
    > Age:14 (I know it's young but if you're looking for maturity too I promise I am.)
    > Country/timezone:CDT
    > Discord name (Include the "#" E.G. Woutzah#1417):MasterofKeyblade#3840
    > Do you have experience with build teams? Yes I do I'm on a decently sized build team for a huge project
    > Why do you want to join the Crown Build Team ? I love to build and I love the server. Basically what I love is what I want to build for and that's this server and its people!!!
    > Do you have a portfolio with your past work ? No but I can easily get the builds pictures I have done and proof to go along with em (if needed of course.)
    > How active are you on a daily/weekly basis ? Hours even on school days.
    > Extra info: I love to build things if you let me show you you will be amazed. As well I love the server and its staff owners and all the other people!! Thank you! :D